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Mia & Jess, pendientes. Earrings

Mia & Jess, pendientes. Earrings

Pendientes pintados a mano, únicos, hechos reciclando corcho de botellas de vino, los pendientes mas ligeros del mercado, oiga. Son una pareja de amantes o amigas o hermanas, no está claro. Lo que está claro es que deslumbrarás con ellos y todas querrán unos iguales.
This is a pair of earrings for girlfriends, female lovers, sisters or whatever
I hand painted them on paper an the glued it to a upcycled cork from a bottle of wine, then applied a resistant coat of varnish.
They are very light an easy to wear and they will make all your friends and neighbours pop eyed and fascinated